"Waterworks" is a series of 30x40inch color coupler prints of surface patterns of water, taken at Lake Iso Jarvi in Pomarkku, Finland. I began shooting the series in part in response to living in the concrete city of New York ­ I was tired of looking at gray squat buildings, listening to the sounds of construction, living among so many people and so few trees. I felt that I needed to reconnect with nature, to live within it instead of simply living surrounded by it, as if it were a film set or decoration. So, between the summers of 1998 and 2001, I began to photograph the striations of the lake at my familyıs summerhome. I sat on the pier for hours each day watching the water, watching its color change in the varying sunlight, noting how a slight shift in wind or a rowboat passing by would effect the body as a whole. I noticed the same things that everybody notices, but still I was amazed by the mathematics of the water, its perfect circles, patterns that extended into infinity. In some way the behavior of the water seemed to sum something up ­ it was solid, always falling perfectly into its place. The color coupler prints are archivally mounted on 1/2 inch gator board, and are presented without frames to accentuate the openness of the work.